General Music

The Souderton Area School District Elementary Music Curriculum is based on four district standards. These standards are:
  1. Response to music
  2. Evaluate music performance
  3. Historical and cultural contexts
  4. Produce/perform music and critique

Students are assessed in each of the three trimesters according to their effort in music, for which they receive a plus, check, or minus on their progress report, and their competency in demonstrating the district music standards. Kindergarten students are assessed in the second and third trimesters ONLY.

Competency indicators, as they appear on the Progress Report, are as follows:

  • S = Strong Performance
    Student is consistently and independently performing above what is expected at this time for the grade level.

  • P = Progressing
    Student is progressing as expected at this time for the grade level.

  • N = Needs Attention-
    Student is not progressing at a rate expected at this time for the grade level, and needs additional support and/or intervention.

Students in kindergarten through second grade are assessed throughout the school year on their ability to use a singing voice and/or match pitch, their ability to keep a steady beat, and their ability to distinguish between same and different tonal or rhythm patterns. These are performance-based assessments and are incorporated into regular music instruction.

In addition to the effort and competency indicators, students in third, fourth, and fifth grade must complete standards-based assessments that are reported in each trimester using the following system:

  • EX - Exceeds Standard :
    Student produces work that consistently exceeds grade level standards.

  • ME - Meets Standard :
    Student produces work that meets grade level standards.

  • AP - Approaching Standard:
    Student produces work that approaches grade level standards.

  • BE - Beginning Standard :
    Student shows limited evidence of progress toward the grade level standards, requiring more time and practice

Third grade students are given three assessments based on district music standard 4: Produce/perform music and critique , fourth grade students are given three assessments based on district music standard 3: Historical and Cultural Contexts , and fifth grade students are given three assessments based on district music standard 2: Evaluate Music Performance . District music standard 1: Response to Music is naturally present in all of the other music standards so a specific standards-based assessment is not assigned to it.

Music Is Fun!
Students will quickly discover how much fun music class can be. Since music is an art based mainly on performance, students will learn how to use their singing voice, how to listen to music, how to play classroom instruments, how to read notes and rhythms, how to move to music, how to improvise, how to create their own music, and much, much more.

Recorders are small woodwind instruments (though the ones that students use are made of plastic). Recorder instruction is part of the third grade music curriculum. By learning to read music and experience holding and playing an instrument, students begin to gain the skills necessary to play an instrument in the orchestra and/or band if they choose to be in one or both of these groups. Parents/guardians receive more information about recorders, including how to borrow/purchase recorders, during their child's third grade year in music.

Our Goal
The goal of every member of the Souderton Area Elementary Music Department is to provide children with a knowledge and appreciation of music, as well as a readiness to participate in musical activities during the next level of their school career. Our hope is that students foster a love for this wonderful form of art, which in some way is present in all of our lives every day. As children continue to learn and grow musically, we will challenge them to be better musicians and, in turn, better learners. With the support of parents and guardians, children can be a part of the wonderful community of musicians in the Souderton Area School District.