Chorus is open to all fourth and fifth grade students. There is NO audition process. We encourage all of our students to be a part of this fun and challenging ensemble! Rehearsals are scheduled into the school day with students having one rehearsal every week. Students are expected to perform in the winter and spring concerts. If your child participates in chorus, you will receive more information about the performances from the choral director. Information will include location and time of the concerts, meeting place for performers, and proper concert attire.

There are many things that we work on during our chorus rehearsals besides just learning correct tones and rhythms. We work on extending the range of our voices and how to use the proper muscles to provide support for singing. We learn how to pronounce our words so that the audience can understand them. We work on getting the correct tempo (speed) of the music that we perform, the correct dynamics (levels of loud and soft), and the correct style of the piece. We prepare a variety of music that touches on many different styles, time periods, and cultures. We teach many facets of music performance and have a lot of fun in the process!